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Weeknight Pasta

January 12, 2017

One of my goals (actually I feel like I make this goal a LOT…which says something about how often I follow through with it, haha) is to cook more from  my cookbooks.  I have so many cookbooks, but I always just seem to make versions of the same 4-5 meals, especially on weeknights.

I’ve been wanting to make this recipe from my Moosewood cookbook for a while…basically just because I thought it sounded kind of weird.  Onions and skim milk in pasta?  Okay.  But, Moosewood rarely lets me down.  So I decided to give it a go:

I made a few changes to the recipe– we only had whole milk, so I used that.  I also added a lot of the cooking water from the pasta so that it could cook down more.  And I added grated parmesan at the end, because cheese.  

It was really tasty! The combination of the onions, tomato, and fennel was really good, and they were right– the sauce cooked down and got really creamy.  Even Lila liked it:

We enjoyed the vegetarian version, but it would also be tasty with some Italian sausage.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. amberbusyboldblessed permalink
    January 12, 2017 6:21 pm

    Whole milk >>> skin milk haha. I think this would be yummy with artichoke hearts too! I have been neglecting my cookbooks lately, I think they will be a great way to spice up my menu when I’m halfway through this Whole30.

    • January 12, 2017 11:19 pm

      Ha, yes, definitely on the milk. 🙂 Yes, it ended up being a great basic recipe that you could add all sorts of things to. I was glad that we made it! Good luck on your Whole30…I always think that maybe I should do it, and then I’m like…but alcohol! But chocolate! 😉

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