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Kauai from the Sky

July 12, 2016

Another “must do” item on our list for this vacation was a helicopter tour– we heard from several people that taking a helicopter tour is the best way to see parts of the island that you would never otherwise get to see.  We set up two tours with Jack Harter Helicopters– my parents took care of the grandkids while me, Ryan, and my sister and her husband went; then, we switched out and my parents went.

We had the option of flying in a helicopter with the doors on or off, and although it made *some* of us nervous, we opted for doors off.  I figure, if you’re going down, those doors aren’t going to make a different anyway, right? 😉

After we got to the helicopter place, we had a quick safety briefing, then they carted us in a van to the launch pad, about 5 minutes away.  And then…it was up, up and away!


Luckily, we made it out alive.  And, everyone was right– it was awesome.  It definitely gave you a huge appreciation for the island.  Plus, our helicopter pilot was a great tour guide– he pointed out various sites and details, while providing interesting commentary (but not talking the whole time).  Plus, he pointed out a bunch of celebrity’s houses– you know I liked that.

Again, a helicopter tour is probably not something that I would do on many vacations, but it was a great choice to do it here on Kauai. I would definitely recommend this as a must-do!

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  1. ginger635 permalink
    July 14, 2016 9:08 pm

    Beautiful pics, and, you’re right- it was a great way to see the island. What a beautiful place!!

  2. amberbusyboldblessed permalink
    July 15, 2016 12:24 pm

    Looks amazing! I was debating whether or not we should spend the money, but everyone I’ve talked to said IT’S WORTH IT! Love these posts 🙂

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