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Kauai Not?

July 6, 2016

We’ll see how many puns I can get out of this trip.  Maybe every single post title?

Yesterday, we explored a little bit more of the island.  We drove up to Kukuiolono Park, which is a public park and golf course.  It was small, but really cool– it has a Japanese garden and some walking paths that led up to a beautiful view:

I don’t think the kids appreciated the view as much as we did.  😉

From there, we drove to glass beach– it’s in a more industrial part of the island, and the beach is made entirely of sea glass.  I love beach-combing, so this was a really fun activity. I could have stayed at this beach for HOURS.

After lunch and a rest, Lila and I joined my parents for a short little hike:


Short hike, but a big view! 🙂

And finally…dinner was burgers out:


…complete with family photos.  🙂

Not sure what today holds, but the sun is out so I’m heading out for a run! xx

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