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A Trip to the “Happiest” Place on Earth

March 3, 2016

You know, for a place that’s supposed to be the happiest place on earth, I sure saw a lot of angry kids and parents there.  Winking smile

As you might have gathered from my Instagram feed, my sister and I just got back from a trip to Disney World with Lila and Sophie—our first “just the girls” trip!  Hopefully first of many.  Smile 

When I figured out that, with maternity leave, I’d only be teaching one class, once a week on Mondays this semester, I started thinking that this might be the perfect time to take Lila to Disney World—a trip that we’ve been considering for a while now.  I’d never been to Disney World, and neither has Ryan, but people kept telling us that we *had* to take Lila.  I can’t imagine why. 



Having Charlie kind of complicated things—I knew that I didn’t want to take him there as a baby, or even a young toddler, so it looked like Disney World was going to have to wait another couple of years.

But, the more I thought about my schedule, the more I began to toy with the idea of taking Lila myself.  Charlie is bottle-fed and is sleeping through the night for the most part, so I knew that Ryan would be okay taking care of him solo.  And I really liked the idea of taking a trip with just me and Lila—not surprisingly, since Charlie’s arrival, I think she’s been feeling a little like she’s been getting the short end of the stick, attention-wise. 

But.  I kept looking at the Disney World website and getting TOTALLY overwhelmed.  I knew that I’d need to plan the trip quickly if we were going to avoid the huge spring break crowds.  But not having ever been to Disney myself, it was really hard to do any sort of planning on my own. 

Enter my sister.

Katherine went to Disney World last year for the first time, and is basically now an official #disneyperson.  You know what I mean.

I casually dropped the idea of a girls trip to her.  Not surprisingly, it didn’t take her long to decide that it was a great idea.  Winking smile

She had a Disney planner that she had used for their trip last year, and that woman helped us out immensely.  Since it was a last minute trip, we were worried that some of the attractions might be booked up, but we got in to almost everything we wanted to do—a princess dinner, a Fantasmic show, a few character lunches, and a princess makeoever at Bibbity Bobbity Boutique—aka Lila’s dream come true.  We got fast passes to all of the rides we wanted, and had some great “meet and greets” with the princesses—obviously a “must do.”  Winking smile 

We got there around noon on Wednesday and left on Sunday morning—a quick trip, but honestly, any more time and I think I might have started going a little crazy.  It was fun, amazing, and totally overwhelming.  I’m not a big “crowds” person, so Disney isn’t exactly my dream vacation.  We’ve done a lot of traveling, even with Lila, but this is one of the first trips I can remember that I legitimately felt like I needed a vacation to recover from the vacation.

That being said, it was also awesome.  I am 100% glad that we went, and I definitely want to go at least once again, with Charlie and Ryan.  And then I might be done with Disney, haha.

I’m always happy to have our trip recap posts to look back on, so here are some picture highlights from our trip:


All in all, a great trip…that I don’t want to take again for at least another couple of years. Smile

Are you a Disney fan?

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  1. March 3, 2016 4:01 pm

    haha- I’m totally with you! I like Disney….but it is SO overwhelming!!! I think Josh could go every year, but I’m definitely a once every 3-4 years max kind of person. Kaylin really loves seeing Mickey/Minnie, so I’m sure we will be taking a trip again sometime in the near future.

  2. ginger635 permalink
    March 3, 2016 9:03 pm

    So glad you girls got to do this! It looks like an awesome trip!

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