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Thanksgiving Leftovers Soup

November 28, 2015

Hi friends!  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. 

When we learned Charlie’s due date (originally December 16th), I was admittedly a little disappointed—it probably meant that we’d be hanging out in Huntsville for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I love it here, but we definitely look forward to seeing family at the holidays—plus, we get so much time off (#humblebrag) that to spend all that time at home with just the four of us was a little daunting.  But, his early arrival changed our plans—we probably will head to Louisiana for Christmas now.  Traveling for Thanksgiving though, for obvious reasons, was totally not an option. 

And you know—although it made me a little sad to be missing out on our big family festivities—it was actually really, really nice.  Some friends of our from work invited us to their house—they have a daughter who is Lila’s age, so Lila and Molly played all afternoon, and we enjoyed a huge, delicious Thanksgiving spread.  It was so nice to get out of the house and be around *people* for a while, haha.  And Charlie slept the whole time. Winking smile 

Another perk?  They sent us home with a TON of leftovers.  We ate them again on Thursday night and some for lunch, and then I decided to do something a little different with what was left: soup!

We had a bunch of roasted vegetables:


…and just added them to a stock pot with some olive oil and chicken stock.  Brought it up to a boil and cooked for about 10 minutes, then pureed with my immersion blender.


The final step?  Topping it with the last bit of leftover turkey and stuffing.  YUM.


I should have put some pie in there too.  Smile 

Hope you had a great holiday!

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