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Random Thoughts at 5:23 am

November 25, 2015

Ryan and I have divided up Charlie’s nighttime feeding schedule into two shifts: early (1 am) and late (4 am).  I take the late, which means that after I feed him, change his diaper (he seems to be a nighttime pooper—joy of joys Winking smile), and get him dressed and swaddled again, it’s usually almost five…which means that I won’t go back to sleep most likely.  So, I cuddle up with him in the reclining chair in his nursery and just take in all of the baby snuggles—he is like a tiny, cuddly little baby chimp.  Is that weird?

Oh, hey giant chimp nipple.  You’re welcome, internets.

This schedule is working really well for us—it means that we both get at least 5-6 uninterrupted hours of sleep a night.  This can make *such* a difference in how you feel—sleep deprivation is definitely one of the hardest parts of the early days.  And, Charlie is still so young—just a week old yesterday!  So there are probably a lot of less restful nights ahead.  Lila definitely woke up (and with a vengeance) around the week mark. 

But, because he’s still so sleepy, this first week has been—dare I say it?—easy.  After the scare of being in the hospital and the sleep deprivation that came with that—being checked by a nurse every half hour doesn’t exactly lend itself to great sleep, ya know?—this week of rest has been amazing. 

So here’s an amalgamation of thoughts and details and updates:


So, so good.  Last time with Lila, I had a third degree tear.  My doctor wouldn’t tell me the number of stitches I had to have because she said she didn’t want to depress me.  Great.

This time?  One stitch.

That, plus the fact that it was a relatively fast labor with minimal pushing and a small baby, has meant that my recovery, this time around, has been worlds easier.  Last time, I couldn’t laugh or cough without wincing in pain.  A week post-birth now, and I feel relatively back to normal. 


Not gonna happen.  I wrote about our breastfeeding woes with Lila in this post—it didn’t happen last time either, so I wasn’t exactly counting on smashing success this time.  But, I did give it a go—I breastfed Charlie in the hospital (or attempted to), so he got some colostrum.  And, I actually am pumping some too—I wasn’t going to, but I took home a free pump from the hospital and I’ve been able to pump a little bit of milk. 

But, overall, we’re pretty much just doing formula.  The doctors told me that with Charlie’s early arrival, breastfeeding was going to be a bit more difficult—pre-term babies aren’t usually as successful at latching, and it can take a while longer for the milk to come in.  Plus, at a smaller birth weight, you have less time to work with before supplementation becomes necessary.  He’s such a little guy—my number one concern is making sure he’s getting the nutrition he needs to get big and strong.  If that comes from formula, I think that’s great.  God bless Similac.  Last time, I feel like the whole breastfeeding issue was SUCH an emotional hardship, and I didn’t want it to be that way this time.  Way before he was born, I came to peace with the fact that Charlie would likely be formula-fed, and instead of allowing that to become a huge disappointment, I’m  just focusing on the fact that he’s happy and healthy—that’s what counts. 

Plus—allow me to be honest for a minute—formula feeding has its perks.  Namely, the sharing of the feedings.  We split it equally basically, which not only means that I get more of a break and time to myself than I would if I were breastfeeding, but also means that Ryan gets to bond during feedings with our little guy.  Bottle-feeding, to me, is really special in that way.

Well…he’s still out like a light, but big sister is stirring.  I guess that’s my cue.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving—we have so much to be thankful for this year!

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  1. ginger635 permalink
    November 27, 2015 5:42 pm

    I’m so glad things are going well for all of you. I hate to jinx anything, but second babies are often much easier it seems (and I’m not just saying that because I was a second baby and you were, as well). I think the parents are just more relaxed. Also, I think formula is terrific. We’re so fortunate that we have that option, especially with little babies that need to put on some weight. Keep these posts coming! It’s a great way to keep up wi what you’re all doing (and besides, what else are you going to do at 5:00 a.m.?

  2. ginger635 permalink
    November 27, 2015 5:43 pm

    P.s. LOVE the picture of the chimp!

  3. Emily permalink
    October 16, 2016 2:50 am

    Did you find this time that your milk ‘came in’ with the baby?

    • December 30, 2016 11:20 pm

      Ack– just now saw this comment. It didn’t but I also gave it less of a go. I nursed a little in the hospital, came home with a pump, and then was just like…yeah, no. I switched to formula on like, day two of being home, haha. I actually think I might have had a better shot at it this time– it felt like it came in a little more than last time. But between not knowing what I was doing, and having another child (therefore not wanting to devote the time/energy that I might have with just the baby), I just kind of threw in the towel pretty quickly.

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