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Welcome, November

November 1, 2015

Man, long time, no blog—October kind of came and went for us after about the halfway point!

Let’s play “ketchup”! Winking smile 

Lila got to dress up for many, many different things this year—is it just me, or are we celebrating holidays for basically the entire month before the holiday actually happens?  It’s fun, but exhausting.  Lila dressed up for ballet, gymnastics, school, AND Halloween!  And we would have dressed up on Friday night as well, but I’ve been under the weather lately, and we opted to stay home instead of going to the party at our church as we’d originally planned.

Anyway, here are some of her costume variations:


Truly, every day is dress up day in our house.  Halloween kind of felt like just another Saturday night. Winking smile 

But, we did have fun plans for the actual event: trick or treating, and then a party at our friend/neighbor’s house.  Unfortunately, the pouring rain kept us from doing too much of the first—we hit up two houses in our neighborhood and then Lila said, “I’m ready to go home.”  Fine by me, really.

Luckily, when you’re only three, six pieces of candy feels like quite the haul—she was excited about her treats!

So trick or treating was kind of a bust, but the party was still fun!  I made this dip (using real shredded chicken instead of canned), which was a big hit.  Instead of mixing all of the cheese in, I put half of it on top, melted it, and used blue tortilla chips to make a jack o’ lantern face.  Smile 

We dressed up again:

…though one of us was clearly the odd man out, this time.  This pumpkin costume was wayyyy more comfortable than the genie costume, haha.  I might just wear it until my December due date. #kidding  #notreally

Hope you had a very happy Halloween!


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  1. November 1, 2015 3:37 pm

    Great job on all the costumes Mom!

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