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A Tale of Two Soups

October 5, 2015

I thought I’d used that title before…but when I googled it, I saw that I’ve used A Tale of Two Balls (ha) and A Tale of Two Gluten-Free Brownies…but not A Tale of Two Soups.  So there you go.

Last week, we got hit with a bout of colder weather—like, SUPER cold, especially for Alabama in October.  The high over the weekend was a brisk sixty degrees.  Not to worry—the temps are supposed to be back up to eighty by Tuesday.   A little compromise would be nice—maybe some 70 degree days?  Eh, they’ll come eventually. 

Anyway, the colder weather was actually a really nice change of pace—it definitely feels like fall around here!  And of course, soup was on the menu—we eat SO much soup in the colder months, and we’ve been trying to make a lot of big-batch recipes that freeze well for after the baby gets here in December.  We eat our one-night serving of it, and then freeze what’s leftover for later use.  Our freezer is getting stocked, slowly but surely.

First up: this Asian Chicken Noodle soup that Ryan made—another recipe from the Cooking Classy blog.  It was (as the recipe name would imply) a fun twist on regular chicken soup—flavored with ginger, soy sauce, and sesame oil.  Yum!


This was full of vegetables, chicken, and ramen noodles—it was a hit with all of us!

On Thursday, Ryan headed out of town for a few days so Lila and I were on our own.  I cooked a basic beef and vegetable soup on Thursday morning, and when we got home from Lila’s ballet lesson later that evening, we served it over tortellini.  I see a lot of recipes for tortellini soup, but adding the pasta in separately was a good way to keep it from getting too mushy (which has happened to us before when making soup with pasta).  This way, I froze the beef and vegetable soup and we can add the pasta when we eat it again, or just eat it plain:


This one was especially popular with Lila.  Smile

Hope you’ve had a good weekend!  We have to teach for the first part of this week, and then are headed to the beach for fall break on Wednesday—ready for a break!

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  1. ginger635 permalink
    October 5, 2015 11:23 pm

    I love soups, too! Those both look delicious! Good idea to eat some and freeze the rest. It’s been cold here, as well. I think chile might be on the menu later this week. Have safe travels to the beach!

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