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Maternity Workout Clothes

September 9, 2015

Hi friends!  I haven’t posted as much about the pregnancy this second time around, but things are going well.  We met with our doula yesterday—we’ll be using the same doula from last time, and we *really* loved her.  She made the whole birthing experience so meaningful and…well, I hesitate to say “easy,” but I guess as easy as it could be.  She told me at our meeting yesterday that second births tend to go faster than firsts, which makes me nervous because Lila’s birth was pretty quick, haha.  We checked into the hospital at 1 am and she was here by 3.  So I guess this time around, our goal is just to avoid an accidental homebirth. Winking smile 

Anyway, things are going well with the pregnancy and I’m staying active, trying to get some exercise on most days, whether that’s a walk or an actual workout at the gym.  I ran a little at the gym last week and was hitting about a 13 minutes mile (jogging and walking), which I guess isn’t too bad considering I’m almost in the third trimester.  Working out while pregnant is kind of a conflicting thing for me.  On the one hand, I feel very much like this:

You’re out of breath before you even step on the treadmill.  Your hips hurt…your back hurts…your pelvic floor hurts (#truthtalk).  Fun times.


It’s also the best stress reliever (you know…when you can’t have wine).  And I know that staying active was really a big part of an easy birth and a fast recovery for me last time, so it’s worth it in the end. 

I thought I’d post a little about what I’ve been wearing to workout in—some of it is maternity; some of it isn’t.


As far as shorts go, I’ve still been running in my Nike Tempo shorts.  They’re drawstring, so if I loosen the drawstring and just don’t tie it, the waistband stretches out pretty far.  Plus, my shorts are SUPER old, so I don’t mind stretching them out a bit during this pregnancy—I’ll probably have to replace a few pairs after I’m “back to normal,” but that’s okay. 


I also got a pair of maternity compression capris from Old Navy—it’s this pair, and they were on sale.  I love these and have been wearing them a lot for workouts—they’re SUPER comfortable and look cute with tank tops and t-shirts.  I had been wearing my regular workout capris before I got these specific maternity ones, and when they came in the mail and I tried them on the first time, I audibly sighed with pleasure.  They felt *that* good. 

I also have a longer pair of maternity workout leggings that I’ll hopefully wear in the fall/winter months for workouts, but it’s been too hot to wear them, so I’m not sure how I feel about them yet.


I have a few t-shirts that still fit (and look okay), but for the most part, I’ve outgrown most of my usual cotton tees—plus, they’re not the cutest anyway.  I ordered a few maternity tank tops from Old Navy that I really like—the maternity go-dry tank.  They’re really comfortable—not too tight but also not loose, and very long.  I think I’ll be able to wear these until the end of my pregnancy.  I wish they sold a long-sleeved version of it for fall/winter—maybe it will show up in the next few weeks?

I also have one of the ubiquitous “______-ing for two” tank tops from Fitness for Two.  Mine says “Sweating for Two,” and I’m kind of torn on it. 


(Get it?)  

I ordered it from Zulily and by the time I placed my order, they were out of the plain tanks and only had the “Sweating/Running/Lifting for two” stuff left.  Comfort-wise, I LOVE the tank top—it is stretchy and comfy and long and soft…ahhhhh.  And, truthfully, I always get compliments on it—people comment on how cute it is, etc.  But, I feel like there’s something annoying about wearing an item of clothing that says “Hey, I’m pregnant!”  that just kind of…irks me.  It feels like a slippery slope from a “sweating for two” tank top to becoming one of the pregnant women Garfunkle and Oates sing so eloquently (and accurately) about.

Anyway, long story short, I love the tank top…and hopefully the next time they’re on Zulily, I can order one without the smug pregnant message. Winking smile 

And, honestly, that’s about it as far as workout clothes go.  These bottoms and tanks have gotten me through the summer.  I’ll probably be picking up some long-sleeved shirts for fall workouts, but I’ve been doing most of my workouts inside anyway, so I can just cover up with a jacket or sweatshirt and keep using the tank tops. 

Any clothes for exercising that you loved when you were pregnant?

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  1. itzyskitchen permalink
    September 9, 2015 2:53 pm

    I’ll have to try those old navy capris! I got a pair from motherhood that are pretty good! I like the for two tops….but mostly because it tells people right now- I’m actually pregnant, I didn’t just overeat 😉

    • September 9, 2015 4:01 pm

      I’m kicking myself for not getting a couple of pairs, because now they only have them in a few sizes.

      I know what you mean about “pregnant, not just bloated” thing, haha. It always takes me a while to show, so I feel like I’m in the “overeating” phase of pregnancy forever. Although the bump did come alot sooner with number two. 😉

  2. September 11, 2015 7:22 pm

    I love that Pregnant Women are Smug video.

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