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Final Weekend of Summer

August 10, 2015

School doesn’t start for me and Ryan for another week or so, but this weekend definitely had an air of finality to it—it just *felt* like the last weekend of summer.  For Lila, it is—she’ll go to school to meet her teachers today, and then will have her first full day tomorrow.  I know it was three months just like every other summer, but for whatever reason, this one feels like it really flew by.  Our trips to California and Block Island seem like a lifetime ago.

In between packing, we tried to soak up some of the last bit of summer over the weekend.  Huntsville offers a TON of really fun summer activities, but I’ll be honest—we often talk ourselves out of them by the time they roll around at 6pm, because A) we’re tired and B) I’m pregnant and it’s hot as balls out there. 

But, this weekend we sucked it up and headed out for a concert at a local downtown park, and I’m so glad we did—it was really nice in the shade, the food (tacos from local food trucks) was great:


…and the music was perfect for a  little dancing:


Channeling Jodi Sawyer. Winking smile

Yesterday, we went to church and then packed up some more.  I had Lila’s preschool orientation, which went from 3:30 to about 5:00.  Then, as I was driving home, Ryan (who was at the park with Lila) called and let me know that we had a house showing at 6—ack! We rushed home, did a super-fast cleaning, and then got out of there around 5:50.  Apparently our dogs were causing quite the distraction for some buyers who came by on Saturday, so we took them with us this time, and all headed downtown for a pizza dinner:

FullSizeRender (1)IMG_9172IMG_9173

Alas, pizza was only for the humans.  Sorry, dogs.

Hope you had a great weekend—is your summer wrapping up, or do you still have a few more weeks?  As much as saying goodbye to summer is bittersweet, I will say that I’m excited to get back to school.  Can’t believe another year is upon us.  Time to learn all the new terminology of the youths.

This year will be bae.

Did I use that right?


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