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Green Sauce

July 7, 2015


Lila is still sleeping (!!), but I’ll have to wake her up soon– swim lessons await. Something tells me they might be a struggle at first. We’ll see…

Last night, we made a nice, simple dinner at home– always feels good to do that after an indulgent holiday weekend. I sautéed some chicken and made this green sauce to top it, using (some) herbs from our backyard. 

In late spring, we lazily threw a bunch of different seeds into one of our flower beds to see what might come up. So far, the parsley is doing great, so I used that as the sauce base. We also have dill and mint in our yard, so those went into the sauce as well, along with some cilantro I purchased at the store (rip, cilantro of last summer– we haven’t had luck with it this year), some spinach, 2cloves of garlic, half an avocado, and a lot of olive oil.  Finished it off with a bit of salt and blended:


It was delicious over the chicken! Lila even ate some, although she said it was spicy– I’ll give her that; the garlic force is strong with this one. 

We also had baked sweet potato wedges, which I coated with coconut oil instead of olive oil for something a little different. Coconut oil + garlic salt was a delicious combo. 

 Tasty and simple. 

Have a great Tuesday!  

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