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Shaking Things Up

February 3, 2015

Hi friends—did January already come and go?  How did that happen?!?

Things have been busy here—Ryan has been out of town a bit and is tied up with a LOT of school stuff, and we both have really full teaching loads this semester.  Between all that and the regular day-to-day stuff that comes with having a toddler, we’ve felt a little frazzled.  Eh, it will pass.

Workouts have fallen by the wayside big time, largely because of our hectic schedules.  One thing I’m trying though?  A subscription to Daily Burn, a website that posts new workouts daily (get it?), most of which you can do really easily from your home with minimal equipment.  I’ve come to accept the fact that, despite my best efforts, making it to the gym is hard these days.  I’m hoping that bringing the workouts to my gd living room will at least remove *that* excuse from the (growing) list of excuses.  It’s also been nice to try some new workouts—I’m really bad about sticking with the same exercise (running, generally) over and over and OVER.  I’ve done some tabata-style workouts, a kickboxing workout, and an “animal strength” core workout (don’t ask) through Daily Burn, and have really liked all of them.  Plus, I have it in my head, I think, that workouts done at home aren’t as hard or “valid” as working out in a gym or running—but after the Tabata-style workout (it was from Bob Harper’s Black Fire series—how’s that for sounding intimidating?), I literally had trouble walking for three days afterwards. 

I’m also trying to get a lot of workout in for not a lot of time—did I mention we’re low on time these days?  I bought a box-step off of Amazon because it seemed like a lot of the workouts on Daily Burn use them, and we’ve been having a lot of fun with it—I mean, holy heart rate raiser, right?!?  Box jumps are no effing joke.

This morning, I used it to do a quick interval workout that I just kind of made up on the fly.  Here’s what it looked like:

1 minute Box Jumps (as many as possible)

1 minute Squats (amap)

1 minute Pushups (amap)

plank for as long as possible

I wrote my stats down as I went.  You know you have a toddler when you’re writing your workout down in crayon:

photo (46)

I feel like this is a pretty weak base-point, but meh—it will be fun to try to improve those numbers.

After one round of this (with rest in between), I went out for a short run—1.4 miles, at about an 8:20 pace.  I’m usually a slow and steady runner—distance is a lot easier for me than speed—so pushing myself to go faster in a short amount of time is challenging.

When I got back from the run, I did about five more minutes of abs and box jumps.  Pretty good workout for about 25 minutes!

How do you shake up your typical workout routine?  Have you ever tried Daily Burn (or a program like it?).


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  1. amberbusyboldblessed permalink
    February 3, 2015 6:33 pm

    Box jumps can definitely get your heart rate going. Just add some jumping rope & burpees and you’ll really be feeling it haha.

  2. ginger635 permalink
    February 3, 2015 9:38 pm

    Changing things up is a great idea – keeps it from getting boring. I’m really enjoying the Yoga a few times a week and then walking the dogs twice a day. I’m certainly not going to win any Mrs. Universe titles, but I’m ok with that. It seems strange to not be walking 3 miles every day, but my knees do feel much better. I guess it’s a matter of finding what you can and will do for a while, and then when that’s no longer working, to change it. Sounds like that’s exactly what you’re doing!

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