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Back to School

January 7, 2015

Well, today is our first day back at school.  I know I say it every year, but this break felt both very long and very short.  This marks the first time ever that my teaching load is spread out over all five days of the week.  In grad school, I taught four days out of five; at Penn State Altoona, my classes were ALL jammed into Tuesday/Thursday; and here at UAH, my teaching load has been Monday/Wednesday/Friday.  So we’ll see how this goes. Winking smile

Last night, I made a comforting soup for dinner—it’s been cold here!  In fact, the high tomorrow morning is 6 degrees and they’ve already placed the schools on a delayed start.  Welcome to the South—where they delay school because cold.

But hey,

This is false.   I am extremely bothered by the cold.  I’m ready for summer.  Now.

Anyway, the soup.

I made meatballs with ground beef, parmesan cheese, an egg, minced garlic, grated onion, some Italian seasoning, and some garlic salt:


I cooked those in a heavy-bottomed pot then removed them once they were browned.  To the pot, I added onion, celery, red bell pepper, and zucchini:


Cooked until soft.  Added 2 tbsp. tomato paste; one can of diced tomatoes; 8 cups beef broth. The meatballs went back in as well.

This was brought up to a boil, boiled for 5 minutes, then reduced to a simmer and cooked for about an hour.

Topped it with more parmesan and ate it with crusty bread for a delicious dinner!


Gotta get moving—those freshmen are probably SO excited to see me!  Winking smile

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. January 7, 2015 1:49 pm

    Good luck with the new schedule! I’m totally ready for summer too….I cannot deal with any form of cold….makes me want to curl up in a ball under a bundle of blankets. The soup though- that I like!

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