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Ready For Spring

March 13, 2014

I always question where to start after such a long break from posting—an apology?  An explanation?

I *am* sorry.  And I don’t really have an explanation—just the normal wear and tear of life, I guess.  For whatever reason, this semester has felt extra busy.  On top of teaching, I’ve joined a book club, am teaching a writing class up at our church, and have had regular girls’ nights out with my Little Gym mom friends.  It’s been a fun couple of months—but honestly, all of it leaves me feeling pretty exhausted sometimes too.  I enjoy socializing, but it also takes a lot out of me.  I read somewhere that some people *get* energy from socializing, and some people *lose* energy from socializing, and I think I’m definitely in that latter group—even if I’m having a really fun time!

Anyway—yada, yada, yada, right?

Let’s see—a few updates: our health challenge went well…for the first few weeks, ha.  I won week one, Ryan won week two, and then we both kind of wimped out after that and stopped recording.  I guess we need a tie-breaker?!?

We had an Oscar night party, for which Lila and I made Oscar-shaped gold-sprinkled sugar cookies:


I love the concentration she has when we bake—she takes it very seriously! And she actually does a really good job with the sprinkles!

Other snapshots from our life, lately (ie, pictures I took with my phone because I don’t bring my camera anywhere anymore.  Sigh.)

We’ve had some awesome spring weather:

Lila started swim lessons at our local Y:

(the pool they swim in is bigger than this one, haha Smile)

We’ve had some visitors:

…and we’ve talked a LOT about having to beep our car horn at Tenny:

Seriously, just say “Beep! Tenny!” about 13,456 times, and you get the idea of what we’ve been up to lately.

Annnnnnd that pretty much sums it up! Hope you’re enjoying these first few early weeks of spring!  I hope I’ll be back with a recipe or two in the next couple of days—I’ve been in the kitchen, but haven’t been taking pictures.  I miss it!

4 Comments leave one →
  1. March 13, 2014 12:28 pm

    Yayy for lots of time with the peanut. I agree- socializing makes me exhausted too. Looking forward to new recipes!

  2. ash_and_witty permalink
    March 13, 2014 12:53 pm

    I think I get both energy and lose it socializing, I guess. Like, I need to pace myself or I’ll be the grump in the corner, drinking her beer and texting on her phone.

    Lila’s got some kick ass sunglasses.

  3. March 13, 2014 1:53 pm

    Oh that hammock! And I don’t think bloggers should ever apologize for stepping back and just living life and enjoying each moment.

  4. Patti permalink
    March 13, 2014 2:37 pm

    You have a great start enjoying the spring like weather.(and thanks for sharing some with us) We were trying a little vegetable challenge yesterday- we’ll see if we keep it up.

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