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June 28, 2013

You know when a restaurant dish just sort of…stays with you?  Even years after you’ve had it?  There was a restaurant in Charleston called Saffron, and their Middle Eastern rice salad topped with salmon is one of those dishes for me.  We’d eat at Saffron pretty frequently when I lived there, and I ALWAYS got this salad.  I don’t even know why it was so good, it just…was.  The rice was studded with little currants and raisins; the salmon was always perfectly poached—it was just one of those dishes that stays with you.

And that sucks, because I live eight hours away from Charleston.  Plus, for all I know, my beloved salmon rice salad might not even be on their menu anymore!  A few nights ago, I finally got the bright idea to take matters into my own hands and at least try to recreate the dish. 

I took the cheater’s way out with the rice, and cooked up this rice pilaf:

blog 001

…plus a 1/2 tbsp. yellow curry powder and a half cup of golden raisins, both of which I added before covering the lid for cooking.

blog 002

Our salmon was grilled, not poached:

blog 006

…and we served it all over a bed of spinach alongside some grilled veggies.

It wasn’t exactly like my beloved salad from Saffron…but it was delicious.  A perfect blend of sweet from the raisins and spicy from the curry.  Perfect for an easy, healthy, weeknight meal!

Our weekend is already off to a busy start.  Last night, I went to a meet and greet for Huntsville bloggers, then met up with my writer’s group until 10:30 (!!), and then this morning Lila and I met up with a friend and her daughter to check out the new splash pad park in town.  Busy, busy!

Hope your weekend is fun! We’ve got a date night on tap for tonight.  Smile

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  1. June 28, 2013 5:57 pm

    That’s so funny that you recreated that salad. I just did the same thing with the quinoa salad that we had in Michigan. I cooked some quinoa, added roasted pecans and dried cherries, put that on a bed of lettuce that had been dressed with a vinagrette, and then topped it with a grilled salmon. It was pretty close to the original and was delicious! It’s fun to see how close you can come to what you loved at the restaurant.

    • June 28, 2013 7:28 pm

      That salad was so good! I forgot about that– I meant to recreate that one too!

  2. itzyskitchen permalink
    June 28, 2013 7:54 pm

    Sounds like you have lots of fun stuff going on over there! I’ve never been to saffron. I think its about time I go!

  3. June 29, 2013 4:31 pm

    I went to a restaurant called Saffron in San Fran once and what I ate there totally stuck with me too. 🙂

    Looks delicious.

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