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Michigan Weekend

June 19, 2013

Wow—I haven’t blogged in five days, which isn’t that big of a break these days, but it seems like a LOT happens in four days when you’re on vacation!

When last I blogged, we were enjoying the Frankfort Beach at sunset (or, um, two hour before sunset.  Whatever.).  This weekend, we had more beach fun:



This was supposed to be a fun beach picnic, but the beach ended up being FREEZING!! The wind was way stronger at the beach than it was in town, so we ended up eating our sandwiches very quickly and getting the heck out of there!


We had to snuggle in beach towels to keep warm.  Winking smile

Lila still had fun exploring:



…as did Ella.  Winking smile


After we left the beach, we ended up walking on one of the trails in town—the Betsie Lake Trail, which is a great path that runs all through town by a beautiful marsh:



Perfect for walking, biking, and running!

Then, on Sunday, we headed about an hour south to Ludington State Park.  This park was a little further away than we thought it would be, but we ended up being really glad that we hiked around it—it was very different from the hikes we’d done in the Frankfort/Sleeping Bear Dunes area.  We hiked along the Skyline Trail, which, after a lengthy stair climb, offered great views of the dunes and woods below.  We were hiking on a foggy day, which made it kind of hard to take pictures—but made the hike even more beautiful!




Lila always looks kind of pissed off in the backpack, but I swear she likes it.  Smile

We ran into a few other hikers on the trail:


So pretty!

Lila’s favorite part of the hike was definitely when we let her walk on her own, out of the backpack.  That was my favorite part too—she gets pretty heavy in there!!


She has become a BIG fan of walking Baxter on the leash.  Which he, obviously, loves too.  Winking smile

Then, on Sunday night, we had BIG fun in store—visitors!! My parents arrived on Sunday night, and will be here for the rest of the trip until we leave on Saturday.  We’ve been having fun on our own, but a packed house is always more fun on family vacations.  Smile 

Yesterday, we headed back to Old Indian Trail to hike it again with my parents:


DSC_0004 (2)

DSC_0011 (2)DSC_0012 (2)

So far, Ella is the only one who’s gotten in the water:

DSC_0025 (2)


She enjoyed a brisk swim, while the rest of us hunted for rocks along the beautiful shoreline:


…and attempted to skip stones:


And Lila practiced her dog walking skills again:






It must have been a good introduction to Michigan—my mom is already saying that she wants to move here.  Smile 

Hope you’ve had a great weekend, and a great start to your week!

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  1. June 20, 2013 12:32 pm

    You’re on vacation – taking a break from the internet is exactly what you should be doing. Just keep taking those pictures – beautiful!

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