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Babies Love Kale

January 3, 2013

Who knew??

It blows my mind that I have given birth to a baby who scowls and gags when I give her an avocado, but will happily scarf down some kale.  Will wonders never cease?

Yesterday afternoon, while Lila napped (YAY for a regular nap schedule, by the way.  Lately, she’s gotten into a very regular two-nap-a-day schedule, and it. is. awesome.), I cooked up a BIG pot of brown rice. 

I felt kind of lame, becoming one of those people who cooks a big pot of grain to use in meals for the rest of the week.  I don’t know…it felt so…MOM-ish.  But even I have to admit, it will be REALLY nice to have this rice to use throughout the week.  We’ve gotten really bad about buying those microwave rice bags—one of those bags costs four dollars for about two servings, and our big bag of regular brown rice cost five dollars for twenty servings.  Winning!

Are people still saying that?  I am.

Anyway, while she slept, I cooked the brown rice.  I left it unseasoned so that I could use it for both her meals AND ours throughout the week. 

Then, I got to cooking.  I combined a 1/2 cup brown rice, a leaf of kale, and a medium-sized carrot with about 1/2 cup of water plus a sprinkle of basil (to make it fancy Winking smile)  in a saucepan.  I let it cook for about 10 minutes (and had to add a little more water), until the carrot was starting to get a little soft.

Then, I transferred the mix to the food processor…and voila:


Baby food! This is only about two servings—I’ll start making the food in bigger batches (to freeze) once I know which combos she likes.  If there’s something that I make that she completely gags at, I certainly don’t want to make 20 servings of it!



…she didn’t gag with this one at all! She really liked this, in fact!

She’s doing well with this level of texture—it’s not smooth and pureed, but it’s also not totally chunky.

After I got home from yoga, Ryan and I had a chicken taco dinner:


He kept a large portion of the chicken plain—again, I’ll use it for meals later in the week for us, and we’ll also give some to Lila throughout the week.  Last night was her first time eating chicken on its own (as opposed to in pre-made food), and she really liked it:


She really liked eating the chicken and the brown rice/kale/carrot mix with her own fingers—again, this texture level is nice because she can feed herself (but we don’t have to worry as much about choking), but I can also still feed her with the spoon in between her “bites.”



Lila and I are headed to Little Gym this morning, and then Ryan and I have  a few hours to do work while our nanny comes.  The spring semester is fast approaching!!! Gah!!

Have a great day!

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  1. January 3, 2013 2:15 pm

    Interesting eating habits, I hated avocado until I was in my teens so that might be normal. 🙂 Adorable pics in this post!

    • January 3, 2013 2:54 pm

      It’s funny– I posted something about it on Facebook, and SO many people responded that they only liked avocado as adults. I don’t remember when I started liking it. But it’s strange– so many baby books boast that it’s a GREAT first food– but not if babies hate it, ha.

  2. January 3, 2013 2:40 pm

    My husband just asked yesterday when we’re going To feed our daughter kale! 😉 her dinner looks amazing!!! I need to start getting creative with baby food, your dinner looked delicious as well. –eek09

    • January 3, 2013 2:55 pm

      I have to admit, I think it’s going to be fun to start getting more and more creative with her food. I’m having fun with it now– ask me again when she’s a toddler, right? 😉

  3. Marcee .... ILLINOIS permalink
    January 3, 2013 3:15 pm

    Looks good to me Anna! Making kale just about any way is delicious + very healthy for everyone. In salads and soups …. super-yummy.

    Stop by Alexis Stewarts blog when time permits. The woman is totally dedicated and works very hard at giving her babies wonderful food. Love her photos. Most of the recipes are fairly simple. Does take time to prep.

    Wow …. Lila is gorgeous! Very much enjoying your posts. Love Lila’s dark hair and happy eyes. You are such a great and funny mama Anna!!

    • January 3, 2013 4:11 pm

      Thanks Marcee– I’ll definitely check out that blog!!

  4. January 3, 2013 5:07 pm

    I had so much fun with baby food making and my daughter made me feel like the world’s best baby chef! She ate absolutely everything and loved every bit of it. Then something happened and she turned into the world’s pickiest toddler. Now meal time is not fun but stressful and defeating:( I hope that Lila continues to be a great eater!

  5. Kristin permalink
    January 3, 2013 8:00 pm

    I sort of skimmed this on my reader, and I was like, “Man, that bowl of mushy stuff looks really good! I’m going to make that for dinner tonight!” And then actually read it and realized I was looking at baby food and probably because I have teeth I should be eating the adult version of it. Sheesh, Kristin.

    Also – there was a Little Gym right near our apartment when we moved in, and peeking through their windows on my way home was the most adorable part of everyday. Hope you guys had a good time this morning!

    • January 3, 2013 9:17 pm

      Hahaha…hey, baby food is pretty good! I always finish off whatever Lila doesn’t eat from her pouches, and it’s usually tasty!

  6. lilveggiepatch permalink
    January 3, 2013 8:45 pm

    Avocado’s tricky… people seem to either love it or hate it. But your little one seems to have a pretty mature palate! I’d totally eat her food 😉

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