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New Carrier, New Baby

July 10, 2012

Good news:


Lila does great in the Bjorn!  We’ve tried it out twice now, front-facing and inward-facing, and she did great with both!  She’s still working on her head control and neck strength, so I don’t really feel comfortable carrying her facing outward for a long period of time, but we took her in a short walk, and she did just great. 

And she did MUCH better facing inward with the Bjorn than she does with the Ergo:



I’m not giving up on the Ergo—I think we just need to wait until she’s a little older and bigger to try it again.  And Katherine has been using it to carry Sophie on her back, so at least it’s getting some use!

Other than taking walks, we’ve been taking it easy.  Going on bike rides:


…and walks in town:


…and swinging in the hammock:


DSC_0901 \

…and SLEEPING!!!  Last night, Lila slept from 9:30 until 7:00 this morning!


Hope you have a relaxing Tuesday!

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  1. July 10, 2012 4:00 pm

    Congrats on that full night of sleep! Love her little scowl in that pic and her hair is amazing!

  2. July 12, 2012 12:02 pm

    930-7? Wow! That is awesome.

    I love the ergo but I wish I got a becco gemini so she could face outwards. I did just get a maya wrap ring sling and I am loving it with the side carry!

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