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Living Room Makeover

June 25, 2010

When we first moved in, almost a year ago, it looked like this:

…and then it looked like this:

…and now it looks like this!

blog 004

blog 006

blog 007 

The couches used to really block the flow of traffic. We did a little simple furniture rearranging, and now it’s MUCH more open!  We also took down the heavy, dark curtains…the room is so much lighter now! I love it!

We still have a few more finishing touches…we want to buy an end table to go by the bigger couch, and with our furniture rearranging, we now have a big corner open:

blog 001 

…that needs to be filled with something…I was thinking maybe some bigger house plants or something?  Or is that a stupid idea?  Ryan suggested a chair.

We’re off to the farmers’ market in State College…we’re checking out a new(ish) vegan cafe/yoga studio for lunch! Fun!

See you this afternoon!

What should I put in the corner?  Other than Ryan when he pisses me off, that is. 

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  1. June 25, 2010 2:44 pm

    I love the look of your living room! It’s so bright and cheerful looking!
    I think maybe a nice big plant or a small one on a stand. Or a chair might be nice.

  2. June 25, 2010 2:50 pm

    Wow, the new color really brightens up the room. It looks great! I think a chair is a good idea, as long as it doesn’t block the entry way. It seems like there is enough seating in the room already, so a chair might be a bit much though. How about a book shelf or small writing desk?

  3. June 25, 2010 2:51 pm

    i love the new color! i agree with a plant or maybe a large vase with decorative twigs coming out of it. I think that a chair there, while a good idea, looks-wise, will not be utilized! great job on the room!

  4. June 25, 2010 2:59 pm

    I love the new color! It’s so bright and happy! In the corner? Small table with an indoor plant?

  5. June 25, 2010 3:02 pm

    I LOVE the color! I think it looks fabulous. I am so decorating-challenged. Please come help me!

  6. June 25, 2010 3:02 pm

    Beautiful!! Much improved 🙂
    Ha, if it was my current house, the corner would be filled with my sister’s junk 😛

  7. June 25, 2010 3:16 pm

    Wow that color totally makes everything pop! Maybe find a corner table to put either a lamp or candle and picture grouping display?

  8. June 25, 2010 3:38 pm

    I definitely think a house plant! A chair might make the room look too small. With all that natural light, a plant would be perfect!! Gorgeous!!!

  9. June 25, 2010 3:47 pm

    Love that orangey paint color! I think a big plant would look pretty there!

  10. Lynette permalink
    June 25, 2010 3:59 pm

    What a nice pop of color and cheer for the room. I think a large plant would be a good addition to that corner. Do you have any other upcoming projects?

    • June 26, 2010 3:52 pm

      Hey Lynette! I’m trying to convince Ryan that we should paint the dining room, but he’s not going for it.

      And of course, we have a LONG list of projects for Don when y’all come to visit. 😀

  11. Kristi permalink
    June 25, 2010 4:18 pm

    I bet you spend more time in this room now. Nice uplift!

  12. Marie permalink
    June 25, 2010 4:58 pm

    I love Jessie’s idea of a small writing desk, but I also think a small table with a plant would be very nice. I would have NEVER chosen that color myself, but I absolutely love it! Looks so “happy” 🙂

    Lunch sounds awesome! Have fun!

  13. greensandjeans permalink
    June 25, 2010 5:04 pm

    I could definitely imagine a little tree in that corner! Maybe another book case? I think if you put a desk and chair in the corner the chair would block the two doorways.

  14. June 25, 2010 5:13 pm

    What about a corner table/corner cupboard – ya know, that ones that fit in perfectly. It’d add more storage space, if you need it. I guess it depends if you want it functional or not. If not, then house plants sound like a good idea!

  15. June 25, 2010 5:24 pm

    i’d say a table in the corner with a really pretty vase and flowers 🙂

    so pretty and bright! i’m inspired to do ours next 🙂

  16. June 25, 2010 5:30 pm

    the room is gorgeous…omg just like your food, your room is PERFECT and the color…i would never have been that “brave” to use that color but now that i see it on your wall, I love it! It doesnt go w/ my decor, i am a slate, choc brown, white and chrome girl after a decade of beiges and light browns but yeah, you have ROCKED it out. Ty Pennington is calling you soon 🙂

    The corner, i love They have stores here but they have great pieces for things like that. Chair, table, huge decorative mirror, a keg stand (kidding!)….


  17. June 25, 2010 5:41 pm

    I love your choice of colors!

  18. Ginger permalink
    June 25, 2010 5:51 pm

    Beautiful!!! I love the color and taking the drapes down lightens up the room so much! As far as that corner, how about a papier mache dog? (kidding) A big vase with some of that curly willow (those brances that I have in the dining room) would be pretty, and you wouldn’t even have to water them. I would suggest that you live with it like that for a little while, and usually ideas will start to come, plus you can look around for something that really catches your eye. Great job on the room!!!

  19. June 25, 2010 6:16 pm

    The room looks great! I’m a huge fan of having plants inside, so I like the idea of a plant there. By the way, I thought your music references yesterday were so great. They just don’t make ’em like they used to!

  20. Ellie permalink
    June 25, 2010 6:31 pm

    Wow Girl! I like the color. Orange is a bold chioce, it looks great. House plant’s are always a good option. They’re supposed to be good for the air qualtiy. B.T.W. I recognize that painting on the wall.

    • June 25, 2010 6:38 pm

      Thanks girl! Yep, we have another one of yours in the kitchen, too! 🙂

      Sent from my iPhone

  21. Emily permalink
    June 25, 2010 7:02 pm

    Nobody puts Ryan in a corner! Yes!
    I like your Mom’s idea: have molds of Baxter and Ella made. I have actually seen one in a judge’s office — of course, that dog is peeing on his desk and it’s to make kids relax. But, you know, it could work at home, too.
    What about a corner wine cabinet or small bar?

  22. Carina permalink
    June 25, 2010 7:34 pm

    I like the idea of wine storage, a tall plant, or a vase on a small table. Keep it simple and small. Chair would seem to cluttered. Keep the space looking big and open I think.

  23. June 25, 2010 7:46 pm

    I have NO clue how to decorate so youre on your own sister. Love the new color though, such great energy. Happy Friday!

  24. June 25, 2010 7:50 pm

    LOVE! Your house is gorgeous! Love thw wood floors!!! So gorgeous! I think I agree with Ryan…a chair would be nice. Maybe an antique wing back or something???

  25. thehungryscholar permalink
    June 25, 2010 8:46 pm

    Lars and I approve, which doesn’t really matter. But we like it, that is all.

  26. June 25, 2010 9:49 pm

    That’s the color of my bathroom, I love it!!! Your LR looks freaking AWESOME!!!! Great job!!!!


  27. June 25, 2010 10:21 pm

    Your room looks great!! I think you should put a time-out mat in the corner in case Ryan gets mouthy on you 😉

  28. actorsdiet permalink
    June 26, 2010 8:52 pm

    looks great! maybe a table for mail or a little book shelf for knick-knacks in that corner?

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