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Veggie + Turkey Burgers

August 2, 2015

Morning!  Happy Sunday!

Yesterday, we woke up with a beautiful day and the whole day open, so we decided to take advantage of the weather and head out for a hike.  Well, more like a “hike” really– we went to the Green Mountain Nature Trail, which is about ten minutes from our house– it’s a pretty little hiking trail that works itself around a lake, but it’s only about a mile long, which is actually the perfect distance for Lila to do on her own.  Otherwise, she starts complaining about not wanting to walk anymore– oh wait; she did that anyway. It was still a fun hike.  :-)

  Lila’s new favorite thing is to pretend she is a tiger…or a dog…

It was the perfect morning outing!  On the way back, we stopped at the farmers market and got some veggies for our dinner plans, which were…turkey burgers.  Fresh Market sells some *really* tasty turkey burgers– I hate this word as much as the next person, but really the only way to describe them is:

They have tons of veggies in them, which I figured was part of the solution.  So, for our turkey burgers last night, we cooked up some diced onion, pepper, and zucchini to mix in with the ground turkey (along with garlic salt and worcestershire sauce for flavor) before grilling:

   Final verdict?  It was good, but not Fresh Market good.  I’d guess that they use a fattier turkey meat, except that the burgers are billed as “low-fat.”  Sigh.  Some day we’ll figure it out.

Not sure what’s on our agenda today, but I hope you have a great Sunday!


July 31, 2015

Hi friends! We’ve reached that point in the summer where it suddenly hits you that school is about to start, and you try to cram in all the fun activities that you’ve been meaning to do all summer. One thing on our list? The McWane Science Center in Birmingham. 

We’d been wanting to check this out for a long time, so when some friends from school invited us along for a little road trip, we quickly agreed! I’m so glad we went– it was a really fun, cool place for little kids (and big kids…and adults…). 

It was a little stressful at times, just because there was SO much to do, and it was really crowded, just on a Tuesday morning.  But it was totally worth it– and I feel like we really only scratched the surface. I’m excited to go back again. 

When Lila and I got home, I was really happy to see that Ryan (who stayed in Huntsville to do work) had prepared dinner in the slow cooker. It is SO nice to come home to dinner, ready and done. I really need to take better advantage of our slow cooker once school starts and the craziness really picks up. 

He made barbecued chicken in the cooker, plus a yummy lime cilantro slaw to go on top: 

Other things on our summer list…picking blueberries, making ice cream, and maybe a trip to Chattanooga…gah! Not enough time left! 

Happy Friday!

Randomness and Thoughts on Pregnancy Number Two

July 25, 2015

Just plugging along here—we’ve been busy.  Lila’s school starts in two weeks, ours starts in three, and we’re moving in between.

Don’t ask.

We’ve been so busy, in fact, that I realized today that I’m almost to the halfway point in my pregnancy—kind of crazy!  I’ll be twenty weeks next week—we’re going in for the big anatomy scan on Wednesday.  It’s true what people way (so far, at least)—the second pregnancy seems to be going by much more quickly than the first.  I just don’t *think* about it that much, whereas with the first, I can remember being consumed by thoughts of pregnancy and babies ALL. THE. TIME.

I feel like I’ve gotten bigger, earlier this time around…although when I snapped this picture before heading to the gym and compared it to my twenty week picture from the first pregnancy, I realized there isn’t that much difference:




I feel like I’m carrying lower this time, which is making me look more “pregnant” than the first time around, when it took me a while to really pop out.  I also feel like I’m still a *little* bit at that strange point in pregnancy where you can kind of “control” how pregnant you look by what you wear, how much you’ve eaten that day, etc.  But those days are coming to a close, Ican tell—it won’t be long before I just look PREGNANT.  And you know…as with the first time, I welcome that.  I loved a lot of my first pregnancy, and this second one has been the same.  In fact, I think it’s been a little more enjoyable just since I feel more comfortable in terms of what to expect, what’s happening, etc.  I think being pregnant with Lila induced a lot of anxiety in me—how could it not?!  Some of that is still there this time, but a lot of it has been replaced by simple excitement.

That being said, the fact that I’m not thinking about my pregnancy quite as much hits me out of the blue sometimes when I realize…oh right, I have to give birth.  There’s going to be a baby. We need to get ready for another child to enter the family.  I think at this point in my first pregnancy, I’d bought a lot of stuff—the crib, clothes, etc. 

Uhhh…I haven’t bought a single thing for baby number two, except for that Block Island onesie.  Maybe he can wear that home from the hospital?

Exercise has been going well.  I ran on the treadmill yesterday for three miles straight:


…which I probably won’t do again for another week.  Smile   I’m just taking exercise, and running, especially, day by day and week by week.  It still feels good, so I’m still doing it, but I know that will end eventually. 

Food cravings—nothing too crazy.  A lot of stuff just hasn’t sounded very good to me, which I think has to do with the heat of summer.  All I want is fruit—pineapple, watermelon, nectarines…I could eat that all day.  And I had a strange hankering for Tofurkey the other day at lunch.  As I stated on Instagram, pregnancy is weird.

Other than that…we’re hanging in there.  Lila seems to go back and forth on excitement about the baby, non-interest, and explicit displeasure.  Yesterday she told us that she didn’t want the baby to come because he would “make a big mess at the table.”  Never mind the fact that she spills her milk every other day. Winking smile  We’re trying to talk about it with her some, but not too much—I don’t want her to feel like she’s being forced to talk about it, or like the baby is displacing her already.

Hope your Saturday is going well!



July 19, 2015

Just plugging along, summer-style. We’ve had some good simple meals lately:

Ryan was out of town this weekend, so my mom came to visit. We hit up Nashville for some back to school shopping for me (A Pea in the Pod) and Lila (Hanna Andersson). Made a quick stop for Jeni’s ice cream, and then headed back home to Huntsville.

Yesterday afternoon, we took my mom to a favorite Huntsville site: the Harmony Safari Wildlife Drive-Thru.  

  Lila starts manners camp tomorrow– this will mean perfect behavior from here on out, right? 

Good luck, manners camp. 

Summer Supper

July 8, 2015

It feels like we’re really in the depths of summer now. Our temps actually haven’t been that bad this year– eighties, with a lot of afternoon thunderstorms to cool things down. Still, it is Alabama.  The idea of a big hot supper is totally unappealing right now, so salads, smoothies, and grilling are where it’s at. 

Last night, we put together this salad with a mix of farmers market goods and grocery store items: 

Asparagus (lightly sautéed), topped with farmers market corn (SO good), fm tomatoes, sautéed shrimp, fresh mozzarella, pepitas, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. 

Really fresh and refreshing. I actually wanted blue cheese, but alas, could find none that was definitely pasteurized. Sigh. 

Have a great Wednesday!

Green Sauce

July 7, 2015


Lila is still sleeping (!!), but I’ll have to wake her up soon– swim lessons await. Something tells me they might be a struggle at first. We’ll see…

Last night, we made a nice, simple dinner at home– always feels good to do that after an indulgent holiday weekend. I sautéed some chicken and made this green sauce to top it, using (some) herbs from our backyard. 

In late spring, we lazily threw a bunch of different seeds into one of our flower beds to see what might come up. So far, the parsley is doing great, so I used that as the sauce base. We also have dill and mint in our yard, so those went into the sauce as well, along with some cilantro I purchased at the store (rip, cilantro of last summer– we haven’t had luck with it this year), some spinach, 2cloves of garlic, half an avocado, and a lot of olive oil.  Finished it off with a bit of salt and blended:


It was delicious over the chicken! Lila even ate some, although she said it was spicy– I’ll give her that; the garlic force is strong with this one. 

We also had baked sweet potato wedges, which I coated with coconut oil instead of olive oil for something a little different. Coconut oil + garlic salt was a delicious combo. 

 Tasty and simple. 

Have a great Tuesday!  

Playing Ketchup and It’s a…

July 6, 2015


Apologies in advance to my child for parading a photo of his manhood on the interwebs for all to see. 

My doctor offers a scan at sixteen weeks just for checking the sex. You have to pay for it, and we were warned in advance that sixteen weeks is a bit early and sometimes it can be hard to get a definitive answer…but you can see that we didn’t have that problem.

We’re both excited, if a little more nervous than I think we would have been if it were another girl– we’re both so familiar with that! But, a part of me is really excited to have a boy this time– to experience firsthand how sweet they can be. I feel lucky that with one of each, we’ll get to experience the best (and worst, haha) of both worlds. 

We went to Louisiana for a long holiday weekend. It’s always nice to spend the fourth with family! 

I ran Shreveport’s Fourth of July Firecracker 5k, which, I was thinking about, I don’t think I’d run since college! It’s always a fun, big race– plus, it goes right by my sister’s house, so the kids were out cheering us on as we ran by. 

I was a little nervous about the race– I’ve been running, but just off and on, and almost ALL inside. The humidity and heat were NOT fun…but I ran the whole thing and finished in 31 minutes (29 according to my Garmin). Not too bad for a pregnant lady! 



 And I beat Ryan, which, as I said on Facebook, was the important thing. 

Back home now…Lila starts swim lessons tomorrow!



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