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Playing Ketchup and It’s a…

July 6, 2015


Apologies in advance to my child for parading a photo of his manhood on the interwebs for all to see. 

My doctor offers a scan at sixteen weeks just for checking the sex. You have to pay for it, and we were warned in advance that sixteen weeks is a bit early and sometimes it can be hard to get a definitive answer…but you can see that we didn’t have that problem.

We’re both excited, if a little more nervous than I think we would have been if it were another girl– we’re both so familiar with that! But, a part of me is really excited to have a boy this time– to experience firsthand how sweet they can be. I feel lucky that with one of each, we’ll get to experience the best (and worst, haha) of both worlds. 

We went to Louisiana for a long holiday weekend. It’s always nice to spend the fourth with family! 

I ran Shreveport’s Fourth of July Firecracker 5k, which, I was thinking about, I don’t think I’d run since college! It’s always a fun, big race– plus, it goes right by my sister’s house, so the kids were out cheering us on as we ran by. 

I was a little nervous about the race– I’ve been running, but just off and on, and almost ALL inside. The humidity and heat were NOT fun…but I ran the whole thing and finished in 31 minutes (29 according to my Garmin). Not too bad for a pregnant lady! 



 And I beat Ryan, which, as I said on Facebook, was the important thing. 

Back home now…Lila starts swim lessons tomorrow!


Big Salad

June 27, 2015

One thing I love about summer eating is how easy it is– we grill for dinner probably 3-4 times a week. But, sometimes the grilling gets old. Last night, in an attempt to give the grill a little rest, we put this quick salad together:


…greens tossed with this dressing:

…plus avocado, mango, and sautéed shrimp. Perfect for summer– so light and fresh! Plus, mango and avocado are officially on my “can’t get enough of” list. Shrimp is a little more touch and go, but it was delicious last night!

Happy weekend!

That Time I Forgot To Tell You I’m Pregnant

June 23, 2015

Sooooo, this is happening:

Fifteen weeks along; finding out the sex next week!  The baby is due December 16th.

I really didn’t mean to keep it off the blog for so long; I just…didn’t mention it.  For whatever reason, I didn’t feel like making a “big announcement” post.  For a while, of course, we wanted to keep it private to make sure that everything was going to be okay.  And then we announced it on Facebook.  And I posted this on Instagram:


…and I kept thinking, I should post something on the blog.  I should post something on the blog.  But then I just…didn’t. 

A part of me just feels like this 2nd pregnancy will probably pass with a lot less fanfare.  I had a really easy pregnancy with Lila, and I’m hoping for the same with baby number two.  No sickness yet.  Exhaustion in the first trimester (to be expected), but I’ve been feeling pretty energetic and active and…well, just normal in the second trimester.  Still going to the gym and running on the treadmill, although outdoor runs have NO appeal to me at all—too hot out there, even early in the morning! I also seem to be experiencing less in terms of food cravings and aversions—I’ve had a bit of that, but not as strongly as I remember from the first pregnancy when I just wanted lemonade and hamburgers and (strangely) grilled cheeses with pickles ALL.  THE. TIME.

So.  Things are going well.  Lila is excited, and asks me every day if I’ve “grown very big and round.”  Not yet…but it’s coming.

To wrap up previous posts about fertility, for those of you who are interested, here’s how that played out.  We had our third iui.  It didn’t work.  We went in and talked to my doctor about IVF, which I wasn’t interested in doing…I guess I just wanted to hear the information to confirm that it wasn’t what I wanted, haha.  I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: if we didn’t already have Lila, I think (I mean, I know) I probably would have felt very differently about ivf.  However, since we already had one healthy child, I was much more inclined to just “get okay” with the idea of just having one child, rather than go the (expensive, invasive, not guaranteed) ivf route.  Obviously every couple is different, but that’s just how I felt.  So after the whole ivf discussion, I went out to our car and had a great, big cry.

Our doctor also told us at that same appointment that he could “super charge” my uterus (fun!!!) with fertility drugs and try more iui’s.  Since I was ovulating on my own and everything seemed fine/normal, they hadn’t been pairing the iui’s with any fertility meds.  Doing so, he said, would give me a better chance of getting pregnant.  It would also give me a greater chance of getting pregnant with a litter multiples.   I’m not sure our marriage would survive a TLC show, so I wasn’t excited about the “super-charged uterus” idea either.

At the end of the appointment, we discussed the fact that we couldn’t do anything this cycle anyway—we were going to be out of town for spring break.  My doctor (who I really liked) said, “Look, just take a break.  Don’t do anything this month.  Take your time and think things over, and we’ll decide where to go from here after you get back.”

So that’s what we did.  And of course, we got pregnant.

I have a lot of mixed feelings regarding our fertility treatment.  I know a lot of doctors don’t tell their patients under the age of 35 to try fertility treatments until they’ve been trying for at least a year.  We got pregnant in just under a year, so a part of me wonders if my doctor should have told us to just keep trying (especially since neither one of us had any apparent problems).  I think sometimes it just takes a while, and it seemed like it was taking a lot longer to me because it happened so quickly the first time.  It sure would have saved us a lot of money—those iui’s aren’t cheap.  It’s a little frustrating to know that after all that, we ended up just getting pregnant on our own. And, the fertility treatment stuff was incredibly stressful—when each iui would fail, I would think, We are never going to get pregnant.   Which seems dramatic, I know—but in my mind, I kept thinking, “If they’re literally taking the “specimen” and placing it next to a ready and waiting egg, and that’s not working…well, what will?!?”

On the other hand, at the point when my doctor sent us to the fertility center, I was feeling pretty frustrated.  Going there, talking to my doctor, getting the iui’s—all of that made me feel like at least we were doing something—even if it wasn’t working.  And I learned a lot about my body…cycles…all that fun stuff.  I probably learned too much about that—if I never see another fucking ovulating predictor kit again in my life, it will be too soon.

Anyway.  That’s the story.  And for all those people who like to say “See?!  I knew it would happen when you’d just relax and stop stressing about it!”  Ummmm, no.  I was definitely still stressed out during the time that we did conceive—probably the most stressed out I’ve been about anything in my life.  The toll that “struggling” (and I do feel the need to put it in quotes, because I know a lot of couples take a lot more time than us) to get pregnant took on me, Ryan, and our marriage, was not small.  So when people tell you to just relax and let it happen, you have my permission to tell them to fuck off.  

So yeah…Christmas baby!  Which means come January I’ll be trapped in a house with a three year-old and a newborn…but we’re not going to think about that now. Winking smile 


Bye, Block Island

June 20, 2015

Well, this always seems to happen on vacation: I lose track of blogging and end up with a big photo dump post at the end of our trip. 

We’re on the ferry, riding back to the mainland. And then: sixteen hours of driving. Guf. 

When we were on our way up, after about ten hours in the car, I said to Ryan, I really hope Block Island is worth it. 

It was. 

This was such a great trip– amazing weather, beautiful hikes and beaches, tons of relaxation…and the sheer beauty and uniqueness of Block Island truly took my breath away. It’s harder to travel with kid(s), but I think it’s so worth it. I love it that Lila has been to so many cool places already…and it makes me excited to think about the trips that are still in our future. 

So, here’s one last photo dump…see you in Alabama! 


Rainy Day

June 16, 2015

Well, after a week straight of pretty much amazing weather, it had to happen: rain. Boo. 

I actually don’t mind a rainy day or two on vacation, but yesterday was my parents’ last full day– they leave today– so that kind of sucked. 

Still, we made the best of it with movies, board games, a lonnnnng nap, and a walk in the rain to the Enchanted Forest trail:

…and then for dinner, a special treat:


 Lobster! With lots and lots of side items as well. It was as tasty as it was messy…and it was pretty dang messy.  

Here are a few more pics from the last few days…and here’s hoping our sun comes back today!






Sun and Sand

June 13, 2015

I was going to title this “hike and beach,” but that was a little too similar to my last post. You can really tell how we like to spend our time. :-) 

Luckily, Block Island has tons of options for both. This morning, we headed to the Mohegan Bluffs, a beautiful bluff that overlooks the island and sea. We climbed down the steep stairs, and down to the beach from there:

  …to do a little beach combing!  

After hiking around the beach a bit, we headed to…the beach! This kids beach, that is: 

 Where Lila had fun building a sand castle with Honey and Coo Coo…and then had fun knocking it down:   

And just as proof that we’re doing something other than hiking a beaching, here are some pics from last night. We listened to some live music as part of Block Island Music Fest, which is going on all this week (lucky us!). Then, we got pizza out in town:




Can’t believe we’ve been here for a week already!  I think I could spend the whole summer here…sigh. 

Beach Day, Beach Hike

June 11, 2015

I brought our “real” camera on this trip, but I still seem to be taking the majority of pictures with my phone– it’s just so easy! And cameras take pretty darn good pictures these days!

Yesterday, we had perfect beach weather, so…we went to the beach. The beach close to our house is pretty rocky, so we drove about five minutes to one end of the island to a really sandy “beachy” beach: 

Ryan was the only one brave enough to get into the water. There were a bunch of young fraternity gentlemen doing back flips in the waves, so I think he felt the need to compete. ;)

Today, wanting to do something a little different, we headed out on another hike: the Clayhead Trail. It was another great one! A short hike deposited us at a beautiful, empty beach:

 When we got back on the trail to hike up to the bluffs, we ran into this guy:

Lila was not into him. :)

Then, the trail took us up, up, up to the bluffs that overlook the island and the sea– so pretty! 

   This was my favorite hike so far…so pretty. And again, not a single other person on the trail.

Can’t believe tomorrow is Friday already– where did the week go?!?


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