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Greene Street Eats

May 29, 2015

I’ve mentioned this before, but our favorite market in Huntsville is Thursday’s Greene Street Market. 

It’s been going for a few weeks now, but we’ve been out of town. Yesterday, we finally managed to make it to market! 

The popsicles are always, always a hit:

Rainbow for her; lemon buttermilk for me. So good. 

We also picked up peaches, kale, strawberries, spinach, and potatoes. We’re making more of an effort to get at least some of our weekly produce from the farmers markets around town, and I think we’re doing a pretty good job! 

Last night’s dinner:


 …included both the spinach and the potatoes. 

Lila’s ballet recital is tonight– I’m VERY excited!! 

What would they do if I dressed her in a red sequined tutu for the performance?

We might find out. 


Wrapping up California: the wedding!

May 27, 2015

On Staurday night, the whole reason for our trip out west finally arrived: the wedding!

Ryan’s cousin was married at the Fess Parker hotel in Santa Barbara– it was *such* a pretty setting for an outdoor wedding, and the weather was perfect!

Here are some of my favorite pics:


Then, early Sunday morning, we drive back to LAX and made the long trip home to Alabama. Someone was wiped out from the weeks’ festivities:


She spent almost the entire flight sleeping, which meant that I got to enjoy one of my favorite Lifetime movies, Lying Eyes:


California was fun, but it feels so nice to be home!


Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

May 22, 2015

Hi friends! Happy Friday!

We only have a few more days here in the California sun. Although yesterday, it was actually cloudy and chilly. We spent the morning exploring trails at the botanic garden with Ryan’s parents, who got in on Wednesday:

Cloudy, but still beautiful! 

The night before, Ryan and I enjoyed an anniversary dinner, sans Lila (thanks, Mimi and Grandad!). On the recommendation from some friends who used to live in SB, we tried out the Hungry Cat and oh. My. Word. 
It didn’t disappoint. I’ll be dreaming about the calamari for years to come:


More family time today. Have a great weekend!

Hike, Beach, Bite

May 20, 2015


I can’t remember the last time I wrote a post at night…or two posts in one day. Strange to think I used to blog twice a day, every day! 

This morning, we headed out for a hike. We were aiming for the Tunnel Trail, but I think we ended up in something different. It was still beautiful– but tough! All uphill, basically. Lila was a great trooper. 

        We returned home for lunch with some sandwiches we picked up. Egg salad and avocado: 


After naps all around, we headed about 15 minutes out of town to Carpinteria Beach, which we’d read was a good beach for kids. Indeed:



  Finally, before heading back to Santa Barbara, we walked to a burger shack, The Spot, for a light (ha) dinner:

 We also got milkshakes. Because vacation. 

Off to end this night with The Bachelorette!  

California Dreams

May 19, 2015

Don’t wake me up…


As you might have already guessed if you follow me on Instagram, we’re in California! Ryan’s cousin is getting married this Saturday in Santa Barbara, and we decided to come for a full week to make a family vacation out of it. 

I had driven through Santa Barbara on a girls’ road trip many years back– we spent the night in a very nice Best Western, but that was about the extent of it. It’s been a really fun place to explore– so cute and easy to get around! 

We flew into LAX after a 4:30 wake up call, and then drove to Santa Barbara in our rental car. It was a long day:


…but totally worth it to be on the beach by 4:30:

Yesterday, we were up early and started the day with a beach walk:


Then we hit up the zoo!



 The zoo was great– not too big or small, and right in town and easy to get to. Lila liked the train. :)

We picked up lunch from a cafe and headed home for naps, because Lila was WIPEd out at that point. 

After naps, we headed out again, this time to Santa Barbara’s famous carousel:


 …and finally ended the day with dinner at a seafood restaurant and ice cream at the marina:

 Not. Too. Shabby. 

I’m blogging and taking pictures from my phone– in the interest of carrying on, I didn’t bring my laptop or “real” camera. But you know– I kind of like this! 

Waiting for Lila  and Ryan to  wake up…not sure what awaits us today!


Farmers Market Supper

May 6, 2015

See? I told you I’d blog more often once school was out. Winking smile

This afternoon, we checked out a new farmers’ market in South Huntsville.  It was on the smaller side, but pretty nice, especially for it still being early May!  Our favorite market is always SUPER crowded, especially in the summer, so a little less of a crowd was actually pretty nice!

Plus, Lila was excited to see that there was a piñata for the kids:

We got home and made an easy dinner with the bread, goat cheese, and tomatoes we bought at the market, plus some fruit we already had in the fridge:


Summer = dinner in your underwear.  When you’re a toddler, at least.


Makes me excited for all of the farmers market days to come!

Feels like summer…

May 4, 2015

I turned in my final grades for my classes on Friday morning, which means that it finally feels like SUMMER. 

These temps are helping out too:

On Friday night, we headed to a potluck at a friend’s house.  We made this Greek-style pasta salad with tortellini, feta, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, and olives:



Then, on Saturday, we hit up a birthday party for one of Lila’s classmates.  Ryan was all too happy to supervise:


Tonight, we had a quintessential summer meal: grilled chicken and veggies, plus leftover pasta salad.

It really does feel like summer. Smile


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